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November 12, 2008

Recession-proof jobs

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This recession seems to be deeper than the previous one -There will be less jobs and professionals in the jo would be covering for 3-8 people at any point of time. With that said, not all professional jobs are this way – There are several white collar jobs that are more of advisory and operational role. These could be in IT/Engineering or Business development or in Sales.  

 Job boards shows a lot of jobs but they are jobs that get several resumes – genuine and disconnected – that gets into the pile of no where. 

So, what jobs are available and who is hiring? Can I connect with the Hiring manager? 

Yes, you can on Ntroduction. Simply ask for Ntroduction to a hiring manager or browse for Introduction providers, contact to qualify them, escrow the reward, and pay the introducer once you get into an opportunity – Its that simple.

Join the 100s of professional’s network and get Noticed!

June 18, 2008

Is America’s rich $billions ‘gone baby gone’?

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Are we the only ones to observe this? Is US rich $billions piled in a place that restricts  those $billions to re-enter US?

Recently I was reading about a CEO of a Fortune 100 company and his conversation turned towards how much money is in the bank. I observed that he pointed out that its in european banks and that money cannot be brought back. ‘gone baby gone’ –  I was shocked to hear this.

I and my brother went online to figure if this information is accurate and also what other ‘Fortune’s are doing. (You can look at 10Q filing online for those disclosed). We were shocked to the peak! – Guess what? Most corporations are doing the same – They are cashing all their profits in $billions and most of this money cannot come back to US.  We were flabbergasted!

What’s the point of out-sourcing lots of jobs to cheap places while the money saved cannot be enjoyed because its in a bank overseas which restricts money transfers into US? What is the whole point of common american losing job and stoop to lowest levels while rich become richer and that rich is not going to be used inside US. What’s the point of this greed? We, as common americans need to know why our riches is thrown overseas for nobody to use – unless there is a reason for all of this.

Any comments?

June 12, 2008

The new dawn of introduction – BizFavors to change the way introductions are made.

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Prelude to BizFavors

Everyone is part of one or the other network – be it social or professional or just anything. But what makes it less sensible is the missing intent of the networking. Say, I am looking for generating revenue for my americas channel. I have a wide network of seasonal sales professionals in couple of companies. But that walks me only few miles. I would like to mobilize our sales into a channel that can be part of the sales by P&G or Ford and today its hard to get to a common table and speak the value offerred. What if, I can connect to somebody who could connect me, bring both both party to the table and make the deal happen while they also get rewarded – after all, what is the fun in networking without favors exchanged?

Likewise, there are start-up enthusiasts who have seen success and would like to spend thier valuable time connecting or making deals while being rewarded as a director or represent the board and so on.


The most common sentence that we speak in todays professional world is “Who do I know?” You can ask for introductions and leverage your existing network.

The introduction paradigm is nothing new – every successful story – be it Microsoft launch or Intel or Romeo meeting juliet – they all had a common story – INTRODUCTION!

We, the founders of Bizfavors have several startups that had initial take-off issues that stemmed out of not being able to connect to the right audience and get to the next step of execution.

We really think that bizfavors would be a common platform for startups, entreprueners, executives to exchange favors while getting rewarded for what they offer.

The above is only a small example that a seeker could specify what kind of favor is reqired and also specify the rewards.

Introduction can be very simple if you know specifically who to connect and conversely, can be very complicated if you do not know who to connect. BizFavors require you to be specific in asking. In the forth coming releases, we will have experts on-board to assist members who like to know specifically whom to be connected.

Start using and see how your life can change.

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